The Esoteric Quest in Scotland Open House

Meet Ralph White, Director of the Esoteric Quest, as he introduces us to what’s to come with our August 2017 main and post-conferences in Scotland. He briefly reviews the remarkable history of the Quests, and then shares with us a glimpse of the Outer Hebrides in the North Atlantic, a place where Celtic and Norse cultures intermingled, where megalithic standing stones dot the landscape of the isles of Lewis and Harris, and where big skies, mountain vistas, and the ever present rolling sea provide the context for our next and thirteenth Quest.

Breathing New Life into Old Gods: The Pagan Revival
With Christopher McIntosh, D.Phil.

Listen to beloved Quest presenter, Chris McIntosh, as he speaks to an Open Center audience about a remarkable revival of the old polytheistic and nature-oriented religions taking place across numerous countries, from Iceland to Russia, and from Norway to Greece.


Christopher McIntosh, D.Phil., is a scholar and writer focused on the esoteric traditions. His books include The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason; The Swan King: Ludwig II of Bavaria; and Gardens of  the Gods. Formerly a journalist and editor, he spent four years in New York with the United Nations Development Program. Originally from Scotland, he now lives in Germany. Christopher has a special interest in the symbolic dimensions of garden design and has visited gardens in many parts of the world.

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