Evening Events

Chanda RuleWade in the Water
An Evening of Gospel Music performed by Chanda Rule

Led by singer/songwriter and international performer Chanda Rule, Wade in the Water melds spirituals, blues, and gospel, taking listeners on a musical journey from the southern-most parts of Mississippi to the slick streets of Northern urban metros, and back again. The songs, lyrics, and arrangements connect the dots of the history of African American spiritual music, drawing a smooth line from early Negro Spirituals to contemporary gospel.


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Elizabeth StreetBlessings at the Threshold, Elizabeth Street, New York City, 1905
An Evening of Stories told by Gioia Timpanelli

This is an evening of stories and back stories of Sicilian and Jewish Immigrants working in the garment industry in New York City in 1905. Coming out of great necessity, the immigrants from Sicily and Russia in 1905 came with few material goods but with their cultures intact. This evening will include some folk tales and spiritual stories about Saints and Holy Fools.


Judy GormanThe Songs of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger
An Evening of Folk Music performed by Judy Gorman

As America reawakens to social justice and equality as core values, its great folk music tradition conveys countless stories of struggle and triumph in this cause. Woody Guthrie may be our greatest songwriter of the people's America and Pete Seeger is his worthy heir. This rousing evening takes us into the heart and soul of the America of the common man and woman.

Click here to hear a sample of Judy's music

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