Sample Schedule for "An Esoteric Quest for Inner America" on August 24-28, 2009 at Menla Mountain Retreat & Conference Center

Esopus CreekThe conference will begin on the evening of August 24th as we meet for an orientation followed by dinner. Each day that follows, we will have morning plenary sessions followed by lunch. After lunch there will be an afternoon break, allowing participants to enjoy Menla (there is a great pool, wellness services, hiking trails, or a Sanctuary for quiet reflection) or take part in an afternoon activity. Later in the afternoon there will be a choice of workshops to attend followed by dinner, and after dinner we will gather for an evening of culture and celebration. The conference will end after lunch on August 28th.


Sample Schedule:

Monday, August 24th

6:00                       Opening Dinner
8:00                       Conference Orientation and Welcome

Tuesday, August 25th

9:00-10:00             Three Iroquois Lessons Offered Toward Peace - Freida Jacques

10:00-11:15           Colonial America: Seeds of American Spirituality and Esotericism -
                             Christopher Bamford

11:15-11:30           Break

11:30-12:30           The All-Seeing Eye in America: Freemasonry's Role in American
                              History - Jay Kinney

12:30-1:30             Lunch

2:00-4:00               Afternoon visit to Woodstock, NY

4:30-6:30               Afternoon Workshops:

                              Reading Esoteric Dimensions of American Literature -
                              Arthur Versluis, Ph.D.

                              The America Story - Nancy Jewel Poer

                              The Doctor, The Adept, and the Quest for the Philosophers Stone
                              - Brian Cotnoir

                              Walt Whitman's Democratic Vistas and the Creation of a Spiritual
                              Democracy - Bruce Novak, Ph.D.

7:00                       Dinner

8:30                       The Songs of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger
                              An Evening of Folk Music performed by Judy Gorman

Wednesday, August 26th

9:00                       Announcements

9:10-10:30             The Esoteric American Renaissance - Arthur Versluis, Ph.D.

10:30-11:30           Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Seer of Concord and Father of
                             Transcendentalism - Richard Geldard, Ph.D.

11:30-11:45           Break

11:45-1:00             Upstate Cauldron - Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.D.

1:00-2:00               Lunch

2:00-4:00               Afternoon visit to the Zen Mountain Monastery

2:30-4:00               Kenneth Rexroth: Poetry and the Mysteries of Spirit, Nature
                              and Sex - Frank Donnola

4:30-6:30               Afternoon Workshops:

                              In Blavatsky's Shadow: America's Unsung Mages - Jay Kinney

                              Immigrants All - Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.D.

                              Paschal Beverly Randolph: A 19th Century African American
                              Esotericist - John Patrick Deveney

                              Transcendentalism, Silence, and Sublimity in American Landscape
                              Painting 1825-75 - The Spiritual Context - Barbara Novak

7:00                       Dinner

8:30                       Blessings at the Threshold, Elizabeth Street, New York City, 1905
                              An Evening of Stories told by Gioia Timpanelli

Thursday, August 27th

8:45                       Announcements

9:00-10:00             Dead Women Do Tell Tales - Sally Roesch Wagner, Ph.D.

10:00-11:00           The Spiritual Mission of America - Nancy Jewel Poer

11:00-11:15           Break

11:15-12:30           Master of the Mysteries: The Life of Manly P. Hall - Louis Sahagun

12:30-1:30             Lunch

2:00-4:00               Afternoon visit to the KTD Monastery

4:30-6:30               Afternoon Workshops:

                              Sophia and the Mysteries of Community in 19th Century America
                              - Christopher Bamford

                              The Spiritual Background of Saul Bellow's Writing - William Hunt

                              Esoteric Los Angeles - Louis Sahagun

                              Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our
                              Nation - Mitch Horowitz

7:00                       Dinner

8:30                       Wade in the Water
                              An Evening of Gospel Music performed by Chanda Rule

Friday, August 28th

8:45                       Announcements

9:00-10:15             The Legacy of the Black Church and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the
                              Struggle for the Soul of America - Larry Mamiya, Ph.D.

10:15-11:30           The Pursuit of Real Happiness: The Soul of America and the
                              BuddhaDharma - Robert Thurman, Ph.D.

11:30                      Break

11:45-12:30            Closing Circle

12:30                      Lunch

2:00                        Bus leaves for the post conference journey

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