Testimonials from past Esoteric Quest Conferences:

"The Open Center's Esoteric Quest conferences contain subject matter of the highest intellectual, literary, historical and mystical level, its panels useful to scholars as much as the general public."

"Overall, outstanding speakers and topics."

"Beyond expectation!"

"The level of knowledge of the faculty was extraordinary, I am both impressed and grateful."

"Loved the enthusiasm of each presenter."

"Congratulations on a fabulous job, you are a wonderful team, I am inspired."

"I've been on a number of Quest-like adventures and this is the most powerful, most organized I've seen."

"I felt attracted to this conference from the moment I received the postcard...the event has exceeded my hopes and expectations. The opportunity to join with beautiful, like-minded people in deepening our understanding of the theme has been deeply enriching and life-transforming for me. This is a wonderfully realized vision and I look forward, In'shallah, to future quests."

"Outstanding logistics with impeccable attention to details, such as accompaniment to workshops."

"I want to express my deep appreciation for the wisdom and diligence to details that put this conference together for all of us, I have been spiritually and intellectually fed and challenged."

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Esoteric Upstate New York:
Iroquois Nations, Feminists, Utopians and 21st Century Esotericists
Greece 2008
Spain 2007
Czech Republic/Germany 2006
Italy 2000
Wales 1998
Prague 1997