About Samothrace

The island of Samothrace (Samothraki), in the North Aegean, lies 34 km southwest of the Thracian city of Alexandroupolis. It is the second highest island in the Aegean: Mount Saos rises to 1611 m. The island is small, at 176 square km, but it contains one of the ancient world's great mystery sites, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, including the Great Mother of Axeiros and the Kabiri. Samothrace is not on the main tourist route, but the natural beauty of the island, with its rivers, forests and mountains, has the capacity to enchant all those who come here. Access to the island is by boat only, adding to its charm.

The Main Villages on Samothrace:
Kamariotissa is the main port of the island and the hub of island activity. In the evening you can go for a walk along the seafront or visit one of the many cafes, bars or restaurants.
Hora or Samothraki, the capital of the island, is a charming inland village in the traditional style. Our workshops and many of our evening events will take place there .
Therma is located on the northern part of the island is very lush and beautiful. Located here are thermal baths with sulphurous water at 40 degrees Centigrade / 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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