Afternoons Activities

The Sanctuary of the Great Gods

Each afternoon, a group will be able to visit the Sanctuary – a ten-minute walk from the main conference site and the place of initiation into the mysteries for centuries. It has many acres to explore, evocative ancient ruins and an informative museum. No esoterically oriented visitor to the island would wish to miss the chance to attune here to the mystery of the great gods.

Photo by Alpiega

Boat Trip around Samothraki

Each afternoon there will be free time to explore and enjoy the island. A boat will be available to take us around the island to the southern side, an area inaccessible by road, where dramatic rock formations, waterfalls and secluded beaches await us. Join us for a time of relaxation and beauty on the Aegean Sea.

Photo by Alpiega

Walking the Canyons of Mount Saos

Homer informs us that Poseidon gazed on the Greeks at the gates of Troy from the summit of Mount Saos, the 5,000 foot mountain that dominates the island. Its sides are marked by canyons and trails that lead to exquisite waterfalls and swimming pools. Most afternoons we will have the opportunity to hike the trails amidst natural beauty.

Photo by Alpiega

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