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The Traditional Music and Dance of Samothrace

No visit to a Greek island would be complete without an experience of the local dance and music. Some of the dances of Samothrace go back over 3,000 years and have been preserved almost entirely as they were in antiquity. We will enter into the spirit of the island as both spectator and participants in this ancient dance.

Music of Pythagoras and Ancient Greece
with Pantelis and Friends

Pantelis has devoted many years to researching, constructing and playing ancient instruments such as the lyre. His performance draws on meticulously chosen archival fragments of ancient music that enable him to evoke the use of music in the Pythagorean school. This music can touch our souls and generate profound emotion. The sound of the lyre, and the accompanying lyric verses, are said to move the innermost vibrations of the heart.

A Performance of The Bacchae by Euripides
with Evros-Agapi Theatre

One of the greatest of all Greek dramas, The Bacchae powerfully dramatizes the conflict between the ecstatic and rational sides of the human psyche. When the people of Thebes deny the existence of the god Dionysos, he unleashes the full force of female passion, thereby destroying social order and driving them to tragedy. By turns savage, comic, and intensely lyrical, The Bacchae is considered Euripides' finest and most provocative play.

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