Crystal Addey, M.A., researches the role of oracles and other forms of divination at the University of Bristol, England. Her areas of focus include mystery cults, the religions of late antiquity, and the role of oracles in the development of late Platonist philosophy. More

Christopher Bamford is the editorial director of SteinerBooks and Lindisfarne Press . He is the author of An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West, and has written numerous introductions to the works of Rudolf Steiner. Most recently, he co-authored Green Hermeticism: Alchemy and Ecology.

Steve Bass, M.A., is an architect in New York City and currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Architecture at Notre Dame University. A Fellow of the Institute of Classical Architecture, he teaches on aspects of proportion and geometry in design. His book Proportion in Architecture will be published next year.

Brian Cotnoir is an independent researcher. He has been studying and experimenting with alchemical procedures for 35 years. He is author of The Weiser’s Concise Guide to Alchemy. Brian will speak on Byzantine Alchemy in Istanbul.

Keith Critchlow is an internationally known lecturer and the author of numerous books including Order in Space and Time Stands Still. A leading expert on sacred architecture and sacred geometry, he is a former professor at the Royal College of Art and is connected to the Temenos Academy and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. He is Director of Studies for Kairos. More

Ellen Goldberg, M.A., is a psychotherapist, artist and mystic working within the Hermetic Tradition. She has been teaching Tarot at the New York Open Center for twenty years. Ellen is the director of the ‘School of Oracles,’ and writes on both these subjects. She has taught at five previous Open Center esoteric conferences. Visit: Wise Woman

Leonard George, Ph.D, is a Canadian psychologist, educator, author and broadcaster. His academic affiliations include Capilano College, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Author of two books, he has focused for many years on the spirituality of antiquity. More

Stephen Hirtenstein, M.A., is the author of The Unlimited Mercifier, a spiritual biography of Ibn ‘Arabi, and co-translator of two treatises by Ibn ‘Arabi, Divine Sayings and The Seven Days of the Heart. He led last year’s post-conference journey through Andalusia and will be our guide in Istanbul.

Alvin Holm, AIA, has been teaching classical architecture design since 1981. An architect in general practice with projects throughout the United States, he is a founder of the Institute of Classical Architecture and has taught at University of Pennsylvania and many other colleges. More

Scott Olsen, Ph.D., is the author of the recently published and award-winning book, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret. He is Professor of Philosophy at Central Florida Community College, and is known internationally for his work on decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato.

Paulos Pissanos is the President of the Olympus International Cultural Centre, which aims to revitalize the ancient Greek spirit in modern education. He has produced hundreds of documentaries for Greek National Television, focusing on classical philosophy, archeology and history. His latest series was nominated for the Templeton Prize. More

Iordanis Poulkouras is Editorial Advisor of ‘Abaton’ magazine in Greece ( Under the pen-name J.P. Craftson he has written the book Bleeding Angels – The Esoteric Traditions of Europe. Under his real name, he is the co-author of several books including The Power of Symbols and Mythic Treasures (Archetypon pub.). He has lectured widely on Western Esotericism and Alchemy.

Dorothea Rockburne is a well-known American artist whose work is displayed in many museums worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She was introduced to The Golden Mean while a student at Black Mountain College and has devoted her life's work to an exploration of the interplay between art and sacred mathematics. More

Stanley Sfekas, Ph.D., is professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Indianapolis, Athens Campus. A scholar of Aristotelian Metaphyics, he has appeared in numerous documentary films and television programs as a philosophical consultant. He is also the educational adviser for the Fulbright Commission in Greece.

Theologos Simeoforos has been researching the esoteric significance and symbolic interpretation of the Greek language for over twenty years. The author of several books on the subject, he lectures at the People’s University of Athens and is adjunct Professor of Hellenic Philology at the Alpine University of Zurich.

Ralph White, Conference Director, is co-founder and creative director of the New York Open Center, one of America's leading institutions of holistic learning, and editor of Lapis Magazine Online. He has directed and organized a series of seven international conferences on Western Esotericism, of which this is the latest.

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