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Andalusia, or Al-Andalus, developed an extraordinary culture of religious tolerance in medieval Spain that produced works of enduring spiritual and artistic genius. Today, when the world seems to teeter on the edge of major religious conflict, this enlightened period when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived in relative amity serves as a powerful reminder of the achievements of co-existence or ‘conviviencia’.

This was the time when the Zohar, the seminal kabbalistic work, was compiled by Moses de Leon. It was also the period of Ibn ‘Arabi, the Sheik Al-Akbar, the greatest of Sufi teachers, while further north in Majorca the Christian philosopher, Ramon Llull, developed a form of wisdom that drew from the deepest esoteric teachings of all three cultures.

Join us on a quest for the beauty and spiritual philosophy of this largely forgotten age, a time when the magical city of Cordoba contained a library of scores of thousands of books while the largest collection elsewhere in Europe had no more than 400. The Islamic culture that conquered Spain went on to translate the works of the ancient Greek philosophers and was familiar with the secrets of alchemy. In this vibrant world, Kabbalists intermingled with Sufis, and streams of wisdom flowed into Spain from both the Far East and the North.

This sixth in the Open Center’s series of conferences on the Western Esoteric Tradition will take place in Granada, the evocative and beautiful city lying below the snowy Sierra Nevada that, alone on the Iberian Peninsula, remained under Muslim control until the fateful year of 1492.
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Granada is a city and the capital of the province of Granada, in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Andalusia is an autonomous community of Spain. Andalusia is the most populated and second largest of the seventeen autonomous communities that constitute Spain.
Marrakech, known as the "Red City or Al Hamra," is a city in southwestern Morocco in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.
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